Parrish | Mumbai was a "great experience"

Sean Parrish has admitted that the recent time he spent in Mumbai has opened his eyes to different ways of living, further emphasising his belief that nothing in life can be taken for granted.

While the under-19s were successful in winning the Premier League’s Next Generation Cup out in India, assistant coach Parrish has spoken about his experience visiting the country for the first time in his life. Several cultural activities ensured the Old Gold embedded themselves into the local community, with Parrish speaking on the morning spent at the Dharavi slums and the time he enjoyed with the Oscar Foundation, which aims to keep young children in school by providing opportunities to play football.

On his time in Mumbai

“It’s been a great experience. Driving out of the airport on the bus, seeing the traffic, the Tuk Tuks and the chaos that was going on was a real eye opener.

“Once we got to the hotel and settled in, the training sessions and games begin to come thick and fast.

“It’s been a great experience both on and off the pitch. We’ve been extremely well looked after, have taken in some cultural activities and watched a bit of cricket – it’s been really good.”

On the performances on the pitch

“The lads have been organised, together and we’ve come here on the back of a hard season where we managed to stay in the league, which was a great achievement.

“We came here with a little bit of confidence and winning games helps. That built up through the group stage and we came through the final which was a tough game.”

On the eye opening experiences

“Visiting the Dharavi slums was an eye opener and we saw the challenges that they face. It’s their way of life and they deal with what they’ve got.

“There are people working, you can see the little shops and they go about their daily life with lots of purpose and enthusiasm about it.

“Hopefully the money they get is able to go back into the community and improves their way of life.”

On going to the IPL

“It’s fantastic. I’m not a cricket lover, I must admit. I might try and get to a Twenty20 game back home – maybe not a long test, but definitely a Twenty20 game.

“The atmosphere is crazy and it’s a cricket-mad nation and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

On visiting the Oscar Foundation

“It’s about the locals and integrating with them. We played a bit of football and had a game of cricket.

“It was nice to have a general chat about their lives, what they do and what they enjoy. To see them develop when they go to schools and colleges, it will be good to see them try and be whatever they want to be.

“Whether that’s a sportsperson, a footballer, cricketer or a job out of sport. It will be interesting to see how they develop, improve and better themselves – that’s what they’re aspiring to do.

“I’ve got a couple of magic tricks up my sleeve so it keeps them entertained and I enjoy doing it. It’s a bit of fun and they seemed to enjoy it.”

On what he’ll take from the trip

“You can’t take anything for granted. You’ve got to work hard for everything you get.

“We do take things for granted. We’ve got running water and electricity, but these people out here have to really work hard for everything they get.

“You can’t take too much for granted and you’ve got to appreciate what you’ve got.”